Start2Think (S2T) is a company established with a mission to fulfill the need for innovation in organizations by developing internet and intranet software tools and on-line courses that boost their thinking productivity and increase, preserve, and re-use their most important asset - the intellect of it's employees.

S2T will base its products on the Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking (ASIT) methodology. ASIT is a proven and very effective methodology for injecting innovation into problem solving and new product development. In contrast to prevailing "trial and error" approaches to creativity, ASIT is based on a very disciplined, systematic, step-by-step, rule-based constrained thinking process. ASIT was developed after 12 years of intensive academic research and is empirically proven.

The founders of S2T are Academic experts in the field of inventive thinking from Tel-Aviv University, Israel, with over 10 years of practical experience and workshops in leading corporations, and the founders of Compedia LTD. , the largest provider of educational software in Israel, with sales of over 1.5 million CD's in over 30 countries worldwide.

Following the vast experience of its founders in the delivery of numerous offline ASIT workshops and consulting projects to leading companies worldwide (such as Ford - more than 1000 engineered trained, Intel, Motorola, Comverse, Lucent, etc.). S2T will harness the Internet to its mainstream activities looking to become one of the world leaders in the fields of on-line environment for collaborative problem solving, new product development and training programs for creativity & problem solving.