Available courses

Introduction to ASIT
Intriguing examples of creative solutions, the thinking spiral, sufficient conditions for creative solutions (the Closed World and Qualitative Change conditions) and an overview of ASIT's five "idea provoking" techniques.

In the near future we plan to offer the following courses

New product development with ASIT
How to use ASIT not only to solve known problems, but also to develop new products. By referring to the interesting case studies done on real products as well as products invented especially for the course, you will learn how ASIT's idea provoking techniques can be used to invent new products.

Cognitive preparation for ASIT
A series of mental workouts designed specifically to increase the student's thinking flexibility and to prepare him/her for the type of thinking required for learning and applying the ASIT method. This course is based exclusively on the results of research carried out by Dr Roni Horowitz. It includes puzzles and entertaining brainteasers.

ASIT basics
This course deals with ASIT's idea provoking techniques: Unification, Multiplication, Division, Breaking Symmetry and Object Removal. The exercises are designed to make ASIT second nature to you.

Advanced ASIT course with emphasis on problem solving
This course delves deeper into the ASIT method and introduces many more exercises.

Advanced ASIT course with emphasis on new product development
A course designed for marketing and business development professionals

Train the Trainers course
This course is designed to train ASIT instructors. Graduates of the course will be certified to teach ASIT.

ASIT for engineers
This course combines the syllabus of the basic and the advanced courses offered to the general public with more engineering oriented case studies. Especially intended for mechanical, aeronautical, civil, and electrical engineers.

ASIT for software programmers
This course combines the syllabus of the basic and advanced courses offered to the general public, including more IT oriented case studies.

ASIT for business strategists
This course combines the syllabus of the basic and advanced courses, including more business oriented case studies. It is designed for CEOs and business development professionals.

ASIT for the advertising industry
This course shows how ASIT can be used to create interesting visuals and graphics for printed advertisements.

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